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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

ONE SOCIETY is a passion for people, environment, and all living things. Our mission is to bring everyone together as ONE SOCIETY, creating many chapters of the organization to support the society in which we live in. ONE SOCIETY is a 501C3, Not For Profit Organization. Our chapters include:

  • A scholarship chapter that raises funds for the arts: aspiring hairdressers, barbers, fashion designers, models and more. In addition, a social group of professionals to get involved with the industry, society and give back.

  • A leadership chapter, bringing confidence, professional skills and networking tactics to schools, colleges, and communities.

  • An environmental chapter that raises funds and creates events for recycling, garbage pick-up, the cleaning of our oceans and water ways.

  • A recovery chapter that raises funds to support those suffering from abuse or addiction. As well as a social group with events supporting the members.

  • A prevention chapter that raises funds for this great cause and a social group to help fight depression.

  • A veterans’ chapter, assisting in the needs of our heroes and a social group to provide support.

  • A humane chapter, assisting in animal rescue and adoption.

  • An outreach chapter that raises funds and brings supplies for those in need.

  • Social chapters that bring people together, providing a circle that gives support, companionship, networking, fun and more. Social groups like single moms, singles, single widows, divorcees, couples, retirees, fitness, art, professionals, vacationers, and much more!

This is just the beginning, join the movement and be ONE SOCIETY! LK ~ Founder


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