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The Environment Chapter raises funds and creates events for recycling, garbage pick-up, and the cleaning of our oceans and water ways. We also want to inspire people to plant trees for our conservation program.  Our chapter director and committee will vivaciously spread the need and the feel good spirit of taking care of our planet to others.  

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The Outreach Chapter raises funds and creates events for those in need within each community.  We will procure specific lists of recipients and disperse goods directly to the families.  This is a powerful and personalized statement of becoming one society and extending our compassion.


There is also a program for underprivileged children. We will acquire specific lists of recipients for encouragement through our mentoring program.

In addition, there is a program for those with greater needs that will help get them back on their feet.  We will assist with obtaining health care, housing, job placement, counseling and over all development.


Community involvement brings social groups together to create a network of friendship and good vides. These groups are interactive, fun filled and assist in giving back to the community.  So, we create a circle of friends and conquer needs, while having the time of our lives!

*Business Network Mission

*Art Attics

*Fitness Fanatics

*Hope Connection

*Single Mom's Mingle

*Single Mingle




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